SafeTTy Systems appoints Swift Act as Software Development and Training Partner [10 December, 2020]

Based in the UK, the team at SafeTTy Systems Ltd (SafeTTy Systems) helps organizations around the world to develop software for reliable and cost-effective automotive systems, industrial control systems, medical systems and related designs, in compliance with international safety standards. They do this by using ReliabiliTTy® Technology that integrates ‘Time-Triggered’ (TT) software architectures with patented run-time monitoring techniques. ReliabiliTTy Technology operates on a very wide range of off-the-shelf microcontroller hardware: this helps to ensure that the resulting products have low unit costs.

Based in Egypt, Swift Act LLC (Swift Act) is an embedded products, services and training company established in 2017. The team at Swift Act has experience in various domains including automotive and consumer electronics. The team has particular expertise in software development (including in TT architectures).

SafeTTy Systems have today announced that they have appointed Swift Act as a Software Development and Training Partner.

Dr Michael J. Pont

Founder and CEO, SafeTTy Systems

I have worked with members of the team at Swift Act since 2014; in my experience, they operate in a highly-professional manner and have in-depth knowledge of ReliabiliTTy technology. Partnering with Swift Act is a logical next step for SafeTTy Systems which will help us to meet the growing international demand for the delivery of cost-effective TT designs in sectors including electric and autonomous vehicles, industrial-control systems and medical devices.

Amr Ali Abdelnaby

VP Services, Swift Act

It has been our pleasure to work extensively with SafeTTy Systems over the last 12 months. In this new partnership, we look forward to getting involved in a wider range of TT projects with SafeTTy Systems and to providing training to teams that wish to use TT software architectures to achieve compliance with international safety standards, such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.

Microchip Technology Corporation appoints Swift Act as Design Partner [13 February, 2020]

Swift Act LLC is appointed as a registered design partner from Microchip Technology Corporation.

It has been our pleasure to work with Microchip Technology Corporation. We look forward to getting involved in a wider range of projects using Microchip ICs.  “Amr Ali, VP Services @ Swift Act LLC”